Engineering insurance from Rama Insurance is a reliable way to guarantee any unwanted delays and obstructions caused due to the many risks involved during the construction process, machinery installation projects or damage to electronic equipment due to accidents.



  CAR (Contractor All Risk)

Construction business comes with a whole bunch of risks. To avoid these risks, Rama Insurance offers a comprehensive Contractor’s All Risk Insurance. This provides insurance benefits for buildings that are still under construction, for any risks of loss and damages arising from the construction process, including those experienced by third parties due to the ongoing construction process.

Insurance includes:

  Contractor’s Plant And Machinery Insurance

Rama Insurance offers Contractors’ Plant and Machinery Insurance which provides compensation against the total amounts that need to be paid based on losses or damage arising in connection with the ownership of equipment and machinery covered, which occurs during the insurance period.

Insurance includes:

Insurance excludes:

  Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Machinery lies at the heart of operations, both in the industrial and non-industrial fields. The breakdown of these due to any unexpected or unforeseen damage can hold up the production process, which can affect the profit. With the Machinery Breakdown Insurance, Rama Insurance provides compensation benefits for risks arising from such incidents, minimising your loss and offering greater peace of mind.

Insurance includes:

Physical damage caused by:

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